Three IS-jihadists sentenced to prison


Three men in Dusseldorf Germany has been sentenced to prison for taking part in terrorism.

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Stabbing at Berlin TV Tower leaves two hospitalized


Both knives and pepper spray were used during the assault. The men who were taken to hospital – aged 19 and 25 – suffered stab wounds to their upper bodies and hips.

They were taken to hospital after receiving emergency treatment at Alexanderplatz

The attackers were able to flee before police arrived on the scene.

Is this another attack in the name of islamic terrorism?

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Seven men in Nagold, Germany, arrested for gangbang-rape


The suspects in this ganbang-rape case is all asylumseekers and yet again Germany is chocked by a horrible sexcrime.

A 17-year old Iranian boy or girl was sexualy assaulted by the suspects. The police refuse to say if it was a boy or a girl.

The men filmed the gangbang-rape with their cellphones. 

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Key Highlights 2017 Immigration Levels Plan of Canada


Canada is tightening its immigration policy.

The Government of Canada is maintaining its commitment to a strong immigration program and will welcome 300,000 immigrants in 2017.

Immigration plays an important role in keeping Canada competitive in a global economy. It helps offset the impacts of an aging population and the fact that the number of people in Canada’s labour force will soon be in decline.

In fact, immigration will soon account for all net labour force growth as the number of retirements outpaces the number of Canadian youth joining the labour market.

For these reasons, the Government has established 300,000 as a new baseline for permanent resident admissions with the majority of these selected as economic immigrants.

Within this plan, the number of permanent residents selected in economic programs will increase.

Though planned admissions of resettled refugees will decrease when compared to the extraordinary target in 2016, they will continue to remain among the highest in Canada’s history and will be more than double the target in 2015.

Maintaining the Government’s commitment to family reunification, the 2017 plan also sees an increase to family class levels, which will help to reduce processing times and reunite more families.

Overall, the plan balances high immigration levels with improvements to the immigration system, including reducing backlogs.

Christian children in Egypt kicked out of school for refusing hijab or niqab


Christian children are being deprived of their education and being ousted from schools for refusing to wear a hijab, it has been revealed.

Schools across Egypt are forcing girls of every religion to wear the Muslim headscarf and children of both sexes are being punished if they cannot quote the Koran off by heart.

Even Muslim girls who refuse to wear a hijab are being forced out of school in a country where Coptic Christians have previously been able to live free of persecution.

Rahman Salem, 12, was ordered to leave her lesson and banned from taking part in any activities at her school in the Delta, northern Egypt.

Other pupils gave her nasty looks and started leaving the Muslim girl out over the incident.

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New march in Warszaw on the 11:th of November!


On the 11th of March polish patriots and nationalists are marching on the streets of Warszaw again.

If you want to see people showing love for their country, go to Poland and to Warszaw on the 11th.

Last March gathered 160.000 people and that is just the way!  If we look at Sweden, it is a goddamn differance.

I will join in and hopefully more swedes are going, it is incredible, and no idiots shouting racists, fascists or nazi´s!

Sweden has a lot to learn about this. That’s for sure.

I go and i will march with a polish and a swedish flag!

Sweden – A country with bracelets against rape


The police in Sweden has, all since rapes at concerts and festivals peaked this summer, a new solution – A bracelet against rape & sexcrimes.

Sweden – A country that make bracelets to stop people from commiting rape and other sexual crimes.


Latest on fight against ISIS -Mass grave containing 100 bodies found in town south of Mosul


Irbil, Iraq (CNN)A mass grave containing the remains of about 100 beheaded civilians has been discovered inside a school in a town south of Mosul, Iraq’s military said in a statement Monday.

The mass grave was found by Iraqi forces in the School of Agriculture on the outskirts of Hammam al-Alil, a town that was recaptured from ISIS on Monday, Iraq’s Joint Military Command said.
“Gangs of ISIS militants continue to commit crimes against our people,” the statement said”